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Permanently archive, publish and share your data with DARA, the world's most powerful and immutable technology for content creators and consumers. Be the way back

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Save The Web

Ever lost files or online content? Worried about censorship? If yes then welcome to DARA, the immutable and decentralised publishing platform. It's blockchain, but not as you know it


Comments on DARA

How It Works

In our short history DARA has elicited some interesting and unexpected comments from a diverse range of people. We thank them for their consideration

"Immutable archives of digital content based on blockchain...
Evil, PR-obsessed corporations & billionaires are gonna hate this
Maybe they might stop being so evil if it gets harder to hide the evidence? One can hope."

Ashley M. Gjøvik, J.D.

"The ideas of The Immutable are certainly interesting"

Sunny king